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Live Audio & Video Streaming
Are you looking for a way to stream a live audio & video feed to an Internet audience? If you have a Mac with the Quicktime Broadcaster (free) or Wirecast software installed on it or a Windows 2000 or XP PC with Wirecast installed, we have a simple pricing plan for you to rent out our Darwin Quicktime Streaming Server. We provide streaming on all of the popular ports including port 80 to get through the toughest firewalls with Apple's Quicktime Player. This service is great for folks that want to make their event available to everyone. Think of our solution as a broadcast server than a point to point audio/video connection like you get with web cameras. Some uses of our service have been for funerals, church services, company meetings, private events, personal celebrations (birthdays, wedding, etc.), and virtual parties connecting friends to central point from around the globe. If you are interested in using our service, please use our contact us link and select streaming. In your message, please indicate what day, time, and the duration of your broadcast in your message. We'll then get back to you if the server is available at the requested time, payment arrangements, username and passwords, link for your audience, and ample time for you to test. If you don't have the equipment to do the broadcast, but do have a broadband connection at the location of where the live broadcast is supposed to take place at, we can help you out. Contact us to see if we have any equipment available for rental for your event.

Approx. Connections (max. of 5 megabytes bandwidth) Broadcast Stream Size (Upstream Size to Streaming Server)* Audio/Video
50 128Kbps Audio Only
25 256Kbps Audio Only
25 256Kbps Audio & Video
12 512Kbps Audio & Video
5 1024Kbps (T1 or greater line need to broadcast at this size) Audio & Video

* Note: You must have a broadband connection with an upload speed greater than the broadcast stream size.


2 hours - up to 5 megabytes of continous bandwidth - $5.00
6 hours - up to 5 megabytes of continous bandwidths - $12.00
12 hours - up to 5 megabytes of continous bandwidth - $20.00